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We are a team of creatives.


We have nothing to hide. Instead of pumping out anonymous machined objects, we believe in creating products with human hands.

These are the people who's hands are in our creations. 

Chad Dickinson
founder & furniture maker

Chad grew up in Geneva, NY and moved to Monroe, MI when he was still a kid. He finds great passion in his work: "I like being able to use my energy to make tangible, meaningful things using our natural design process."


Chad is dedicated to his business and raising his baby girl with his wife. He still finds time to write and practice Zazen. He also participates in the Detroit City Futbol League.

Victoria Brown
product development &
social media

Victoria is originally from Rhode Island, and found herself in the Midwest when she went on to complete her BFA in Industrial Design from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Working here for her is exciting: "Every day is different."


Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, oil painting, jewelry making, and especially gardening. "Watching things grow is magical to me. Growing food nourishes my body and soul."

Kevin Gardner
design & branding

Kevin has a background in Natural Science and Mechanical Engineering, but ended up getting his BFA in Interior Design from CCS. He has been working as a designer in Detroit for the last several years.


He enjoys being able to work so closely with experienced artisans. "It helps me build sensitivity to the material and the process which informs my design" You can also find him climbing, reading and laughing: "It keeps me happy."


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