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Sponsorship Program

At Dickinson By Design, we thrive on the exploration of materials and how those discoveries, through sensitivity and Natural Design, bring exciting functional spaces and objects to fruition. This journey is sustained by a strong reciprocal relationship between our company and our community.

Our Natural Design Process and holistic approach to business has allowed for our company to grow. We use sustainable resources and are mindful of waste production and reuse. Thoughtfulness, smart design, and environmentally conscious practices enable us to contribute to the revitalization of Detroit.

The reciprocal growth of our city and our business has given us the opportunity to relocate to a more functional workspace on the ‘Avenue of Fashion’, 19344 Livernois Ave. This is one of the oldest and most historic properties in the area. We are renovating the building to create a furniture shop, showroom, and retail space for other businesses. Our goal is to bring energy and growth to this neighborhood of Detroit. We are also developing a hands-on workshop and apprenticeship program for those interested in learning skilled trade and our Natural Design process.

We are relocating our shop

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