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Design. Build. Refine. Repeat.


We are a small furniture design company that specializes in creating sustainable products and spaces. Our skilled crafts people hand make furniture pieces, large and small, with a focus on execution, finish, quality, and a respect for the natural beauty inherent in the materials we use. We view this as an invaluable piece of our company, called the Natural Design process, which is lost from big name brands.


We are committed to a sustainable present and future on several different levels: 

All of the pieces we offer are built from 100% recycled and sustainable materials, most of which are sourced from local small businesses. We reduce the waste leaving our shop through the development of useful products from our wood scraps. Also, the building we are located in has a very low impact on the environment. 


We are driven to create more skilled trade jobs in America, and we are always trying to engage the public in a conversation around the importance of good design in our culture; a design born from necessity and sensitivity. Our company strives on the exploration of what skilled trades and quality products built in America look like in today's world.


We pride ourselves on our handcrafted, simple, functional and affordable products.


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